2022 Toronto Fastpitch Club 19U Roster

Congratulations to the Toronto Fastpitch Club 19U 2022 Squad. Thank you to all the players that came to try out this week. The staff is excited and proud to announce this roster, and we look forward to the upcoming training season. If you would like to contact the coaching staff to compete for a spot on this roster, please feel free to contact Head Coach Alan Spohn at 416-684-4931. We are looking to add a player at the catching position. Two of our catchers are college players and involved with Team Ontario, and we are actively looking for support at that position.

The Toronto Fastpitch Club will take try out inquiries for athletic 17U players looking to improve their training and skill level. Please contact Head Coach Alan Spohn as of September 16th once that season has concluded as per PWSA rules and regulations. Catchers, pitchers and positional players are welcomed.

  1. Asia Peart (2023)
  2. Danika Millen (2023)
  3. Amelia Smith (2023)
  4. Deanna Grahek (2022) U17 Canadian National Team Member, Team Ontario Member
  5. Hailee Jenkins (2022)
  6. Emma Stanton (2022)
  7. Becca Sawyer (2022)
  8. Madeline Pappas (2022)
  9. Shannon Howes (2022)
  10. Breanne Beardsall (2021) Team Ontario Member, Simon Fraser University NCAA DII
  11. Katie Lorenz (2021) Team Ontario Member, Georgian Court University NCAA DII
  12. Maddie Male (2021) Stony Brook University Commit NCAA DI
  13. Ashley Chute (2021) The University of British Columbia

Due to Covid 19 restrictions please sign up to try out on our website www.torontofastpitchclub.com or email Alan Spohn @ alanspohn@rogers.com  or call 416-684-4931, indicate Name, DOB, previous team & Position(s).

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