Program Graduates

The following players have graduated under Head Coach Alan Spohn over the years. These players enjoyed the benefit of our program, and it’s elite development approach and design. Many of these players return sporadically to assist in the coaching and development of our current players whenever they are available or in the country. This is a very impressive list of names, and we are proud of their success both on the diamond and in their careers. It is to be noted that the majority of these players played in a Brampton Blazer uniform, but since 1995, the coaching philosophies and traditions remain the same. We are also proud to announce that the 2018, 2019, and 2020 graduates continue to thrive in our program as the TFC. They continue to train when home from school, as well as continue to be role models to their younger team mates and friends.

Class of 2006

  • Sarah Purtle (P):  St.Francis College DI

Class of 2007

  • Sarah Dickey (SS): University of Detroit Mercy DI  *2003 Jr. National Team
  • Chivon Kloepfer (1st): Central Michigan University DI
  • Erin McLean (3rd): Simon Fraser NAIA (now NCAA DII)  *2008 Olympic Team
  • Cortney Patteson (2nd): Ball State University DI
  • Karlie Burnell (P): Youngstown State University DI   *British National Team
  • Lauren Spohn (P): Iona College DI   *2003 Jr. National Team
  • Amanda Pileggi (Ca): St.Francis College DI
  • Adriane Willmer (OF):  Kuztown University DII

Class of 2008

  • Jenna Harvey (P): Wellesley College DIII
  • Shannon Robinson (Ca):  Valparaiso University  DI   *2006 National Elite team
  • Ali Djordjevic (P):  Kankakee Community college NJCAA
  • Kaleigh Rafter (3rd/Ca):  Detroit Mercy/ Florida State DI  *2012 Olympic Team

Class of 2009

  • Heather McCarrel (2nd): Wellesley College DIII
  •  Lisa Kingsmore (OF): Wynthrop University DI *NFCA All American & Big South Woman of the Year
  •  Krista Cameron (3rd): Kutztown University DII
  •  Kim Morrison (2nd):  Kutztown University  DII

Class of 2010

  • Robyn Draper (Ca): Flagler College DII  *2007 Jr National Team
  • Sarah Hipson (2nd): Barry University DII
  • Amy Lewis (1st): Norfolk State University DI
  • Leah McIntosh (P): University of Albany DI *2007 Jr National Team & National Development Team
  • Kristina Jerry (3rd): Liberty University DI
  • Christie McIntyre (P): Kutztown University DII
  • Mika Tatar (SS): Lynn University DII
  • Ashleigh Sammut (OF): Francis Marion University DII

Class of 2018

  • Skyler Patteson (1st) St.Clair College OCAA
  • KJ Uyeno (2nd): Winthrop University DI
  • Samantha Fraser (OF): Kutztown University DII
  • Asja Saito (SS): Kutztown University
  • Victoria Saunders (SS): Simon Fraser University DII

Class of 2019

  • Kristin Fealy (P): Adelphi University DII
  • Jamie Ernst (OF):  Rollins College DII
  • Erin Fortney (P):  Rollins College DII
  • Morgan Mather (1st): Jackson State JC DI NJCAA
  • Samantha Ruffett (Ca):  Simon Fraser University DII
  • Jessica Tate (P): Simon Fraser University DII
  • Janelle Brown (CF) Fanshawe College OCAA

Class of 2020

  • Amanda Janes (Ca) Simon Fraser University DII

Class of 2021

  • Jamie Jang (P) Rhodes College DIII
  • Mariah Martinez (UT) Mohawk College OCAA