2018/2019 TFC 19U ROSTER

The coaching staff extends a major thank you to everyone who came to meet the staff and try-out this fall. We are incredibly excited with the calibre of talent, athleticism and energy that this team demonstrates going into our fall season and training. The 19U season is long and gruelling, and this multi-positional and talented group of ladies are focused on common goals and aspirations. Sky’s the limit, ladies!

  1. Ashley Chute-2021
  2. Madison Tate- 2021
  3. Caileigh Burgess- 2020
  4. Camrynn Seelman- 2020
  5. Chantal Tripp- 2020
  6. Devan Ryan- 2020
  7. Belle Hamlyn- 2020
  8. Reanna Todd- 2020
  9. Grace Hearns-2020
  10. Jordanna Hartley -2019- Barry University Commit
  11. Brooke Dundass- 2019
  12. Samantha Miller-2019- St. Peters University Commit
  13. Julie Kostuch- 2019
  14. Becky Hodder – 2019 –Wayne State Commit
  15. Molly Edge- 2019- Adelphi University Commit

Alternate: Quinn Danniels 2019

YOUTUBE LINK: Coach Draper’s Youtube

If you are a college coach looking to get in touch with a player on our roster, or would like to speak about our program. Please send an email through this form.

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