Memorial Day Madness 2017

The Toronto Fastpitch Club 16U & 18U squads traveled to Hagerstown, MD. and Martinsburg, W.V. for the Memorial Day Madness tournament this weekend. After a rainy and quite cool start to the spring season, we were hoping that driving 7 hours south of the border would bring some relief to the weather. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans.

Luckily, the team travels with a couple football to relieve stress and add a fun component to our warm-ups. These footballs came in handy after a 3 hour morning rain delay on a water-logged field in Martinsburg, West Virginia. With a lot of pent up energy and frustration to burn, a make-shift outfield football game broke out within the ranks of our own 18U team. Realizing their opportunity to get a proper game in, our players urged  the opposing team (also bored and tired of waiting around for the field to dry) to a friendly match to pass the time.

The BP Cyclones Elite proved to be a worthy adversary, but the  laughter and energy rolling off the two teams brought lots of cheers from the fans gathering around searching for the source of the noise. Even a few of our 16U players ran over to our field to strengthen our resolve against the speedy BP Cyclones. After at least an hour of “Canada vs the USA” football, the skies opened up ending our day at the field. However, the energy of the game and the camaraderie built between the two teams made memories that will last longer than the fact that they didn’t get to play softball at all this weekend.

Much to the glee of our player-packed car on the long ride home, word circulated quickly that a sports reporter had been at the field that day. Please click the link to read Martinsburg, West Virginia’s Sports Editor, Rick Kozlowski’s take on our washed up weekend!

Memorial Day Madness Rain Out – The Journal Article by RICK KOZLOWSKI Sports Editor

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