College Trip 1: When Mother Nature Has Other Plans

The first TFC college tour didn’t go quite as planned as mother nature didn’t let up on the rain all weekend. Due to inclement weather, the Toronto Fastpitch Club was only able to play one 9 inning game battling Adelphi hard before the rain opened up. Unfortunately, the bad weather didn’t stop there as both the Kutztown and New Haven scheduled games were  subsequently rained out.

During the campus tour at Adelphi with Sophomore Kristin Fealy at the helm, the players really enjoyed the indepth tour as well as  program offerings with various team mates meeting them along the way to describe their own programs and explain how they’re able to handle both academics and the schedule of the softball team.

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Rained out the following day, the TFC packed the vans and headed to Kutztown for a campus tour provided by Junior Asja Saito. After visiting the field and indulging in crowd pleasing Chic-Fil-A, the tour was wrapped up with a trip to the Campus Store for KU swag.



With hope in their hearts, the TFC continued on to their last stop on the tour racing a storm system that took over most of the eastern seaboard. The University of New Haven staff welcomed us with open arms. As the tour went on, it became clear that the skies were not in our favour, as the New Haven grounds keeper sadly had to cancel our games after watching the radar all morning. With most of the New Haven softball players with us for the tour, it was a very rewarding experience for the TFC as they were able to experience a snippet of the comraderie of a collegiate program.


With the weather out of our control, the players certainly didn’t waste any of their time over the course of the weekend, making the best of their introductions, tours and spending time with each other on the road.  It was a rewarding weekend, and we would like to thank everybody that made our games and tours possible. The coaching staff at Adelphi,  Kutztown and New Haven are gracious hosts, and we thank them for the opportunity to come see their schools.


With the TFC set to travel to Kentucky and West Virginia this weekend to play Marshall University, Kentucky Christian University and Morehead State University, we look forward to clear skies. Wish us luck as we hit the road!






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