2017 Senior Provincial Bronze Medalists:

From Back Left: Head Coach Mike Smuk, Sam Ruffett, Jess Tate, Skyler Patteson, Robyn Draper, Sierra Bertrand, Morgan Mather, Nicole Knudsen, Jade Yerex, Jamie Ernst, Asst. Coach Lauren Spohn From front left: Shaina Mcdonald, Aspen Searle, Kristin Fealy, Bat Girl Riley Mcdonald

2016 Junior Provincial Silver Medalists: PROV 2ND

If you are interested in joining our Senior roster, please feel free to fill out the contact page prior to the spring. At this age group, try-outs are unnecessary, and the squad will be filled as per demand. We accept players aged 18+ and will create two teams if the numbers justify it. There are generally 4-5 Ontario tournaments worth attending plus a Provincial Championship. National Tournament attendance is based on financial well-being of the student athletes and is dictated by whether or not they have to be back at school.